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2.7 SEO Copywrite

Looking for information about the ethical SEO techniques that I have presented in this chapter I found another kind of SEO: SEO copywriting. I confess I got confused, at the beginning, between common ethical SEO and this second kind of SEO.
Eventually I realised there are two definitions of SEO copywriting: some SEO experts, consider SEO copywriting just page-elements SEO, more or less all the techniques I talked about in this chapter except inbound links; other experts, like Karon Thackston, claim that SEO copywriting is the process of writing content to appeal to your visitors, while including elements to help the search engines and your visitors understand what the page is all about.. In this second definition, it is still true that only ethical page-elements SEO are used but you try to achieve also much more.
To understand the difference, it is useful thinking about common copywriting.
Copywriting is the skill to use the perfect combination of powerful, persuasive, and motivating words to shift your goods and services; it involves finding the right words in order to sell, because it is knowing what, how and who to speak to, which is essential to sell.
Therefore in SEO copywriting the final goal is a marketing one: you want that the users will buy your product, or use your service. To achieve this you need that the website is human appealing and that is well ranked, or none will ever visit it.
This second definition is proved also by website like where is offered a service which include both the aspect of the SEO copywriting. In fact it is fundamental for a company that all the SEO efforts will not have the effect to weaken the commercial message of the website. Therefore it is impossible for a commercial website think to SEO without thinking also to copywriting, SEO copywriting is not written exclusively with the search engines in mind.
SEO copywriting involves also marketing and philological considerations which are beyond the aims of this paper. I will analyse more the technical elements that can be appreciated by a search engines and it is up to you avoiding that they will transform your website in a not human appealing one. So in the next chapter I will speak about all the adjustments that you have to do for the particular characteristics that a spider has; there are in fact several elements that it cannot see or appreciate, like a human does, those have to be reduced, or modified, to avoid rank penalisation.