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5.6 Promoting your website

Generally speaking the more famous your website is, the more backlinks it will have. Since these are the main PageRank factor in Google, and are important also in all the other major search engines, it is worth promoting your website.
We have already seen the importance of submitting it to the major directories. It is important also to submit your website to the search engines. For sure you have to submit your website to the major search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN. That will speed up the process of finding your websites for theirs crawlers. Anyway the world of the search engines is not only these three big ones, even if they provide the most visitors; it means that you should not ignore all the minor general purpose search engines. Maybe, since they are less important, it is better to automate the process of sending them your website, in particular you may use an automatic tool at the URL
Then there is another particular category of search engines. These are the specialised search engines; their peculiarity is they are used only to retrieve information on a precise topic. Some of them are specialized on law, others on educational content and so on. The best thing to do is consult a website like Pandia ( or Webquest (http://webquest. There you can find list of specialised search engines, identify those which can be interested in your website, and submit it to them.

If you cannot get the top ranking with your efforts there is still a solution: paid advertising. It consists paying a search engine for displaying at the top of the results the URL of your website.
Usually you have to pay only for the users who actually click on your link, for this reason are sometimes called pay per click (PPC) advertising, and the cost depends upon the keyword and the position where it appears. Really competitive words, as "hotel", are several time more expensive than cheaper ones, as "hotel facility animals", but creating an opportune network or less competitive words can be more effective and less expensive than buying a single really competitive. In fact the less competitive, like in the example above, can attract more interested visitors. On the other hand, you may achieve a good ranking in these search terms with a relatively little SEO effort.
Unfortunately PPC advertising has an important hitch: users generally do not trust paid links as much as they do with the normal ones. They often ignore sponsored links.