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5.2 Age of site and Google sandbox

So far for all the major search engines there is no penalty for a website if it is new. Google is an exception. Since lots of websites are created just to furnish backlinks to major websites, Google waits from a minimum of one month to a maximum of eight, to assign the PageRank to new comers. This barrier is called Sandbox, the analogy is from a child who is put there when is too young to stay in the world of the adults. It is quite reasonable that a new website is not so influent like an old one, also in the real world a new store in town brings a short burst of initial business because people tend to trust a business that has been around for a long time over one that is brand new.
In particular after the Jasper Update the age became one of the parameters considered in the calculation of the PageRank; age of incoming links, age of web content, and the date the domain was registered.
Although there is nothing that you can do to make older your website but wait, there are some tips you can apply in order to make the effect of the young age less destructive.
Make sure you register your domain name for the longest amount of time possible. Having a domain which is registered year by year, gives the bad idea that at the moment the site is there but in a close future it may disappear. Often you can choose a contract which lasts from just one year up to five or ten years.
Consider registering a domain name even before you are sure you're going to need it. While you will develop the website it will get older. Then as soon as the homepage will be ready, you should put it online so the clock for the Sandbox will start. This is good also because search engines prefer a website which grows day after day than a full website with 500 backlinks which appears overnight.
Think about purchasing a domain name that was already pre-owned. This is not only a way to have a domain name already old but also to inherit a possible good PageRank for the homepage and for the page with the same URL. On the other hand you must pay particular attention that the domain is not blacklisted.
It is also better hosting on a well- established host. Also the Sandbox restriction is less severe in this case. For instance if you are using a free host, you can aspect that you will never rank very well, these domains usually have a short life, consequently they are penalised by the search engines.
Finally a bit less ethical trick is to put some pages of the new website on an older one with links to the younger. Anyway you should avoid auto-redirection or the search engines may consider it SEO spam.