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Misure da Smistatore Enel at Duferco Energia SPA (04/12 08/12)

Duferco Energia is an energy seller part of the multinational group Duferco. I took part in a small project where some processes of the metering area were revised to be automized or semi-automized. Some customization of the Trimp tool were adopted and some automatic procedures were developed.
The technologies used in the project have been: Java SE, Trimp, tool ENEL.

Energy Data Management at EGL SPA (06/10 09/12)

EGL Italia Spa used to have an old version of the Energeya EDM suite to store and manipulate all the energy data of its customers and the market results. Since the tool was quite old and in particular the performances of the client master data were poor, the company decide to upgrade to the new version. The data of the tool were used by many different applications so that the project was quite complex with effects on serveral processes.
The technologies used in the project have been: PL-SQL, MS Visio, Groovy.

Material List Manager at ITBS Sas (06/10 06/12)

ITBS is a small company specialized in ERP consultancy for medium size Enterprises. The client of this project is a manufacturer of products for welding and oxygen lance cutting. The project goal is developing an ERP version control module of the machinery designed. This is particularly critical when an already existing machinery has to be integrated with another one creating a new tool made by different sub-elements. Any of this elements has to be versioned. The tool has also inventory functionalities that involve communication between the tool and the ERP system.
The technologies used in the project have been: Hibernate, Matisse, Netbeans, Java 6, UML.

Trimp at EGL Italia SPA (04/09 05/10)

EGL Italia SPA is a multinational energy trader and seller. I was the project leader of the project for changing the software used in EGL for managing the stream of energy consumption data. This data is monthly sent by the energy carrier to EGL and is used to balance the bills to the EGL customers with the right amount of energy that has been actually used. The old software used was called Elettraweb, the new one Trimp. I have been involved in the analysis of the processes as-is and to-be, in the periodical review meetings with the supplier and the project manager, in the analysis of the evolution of the software once it was installed on the end user computers. I also wrote PL-SQL short term fixes to Elettraweb and T-SQL customizations to Trimp. Trimp was externally developed by a technology EGL partner.
The technologies used in the project have been: PL-SQL, T-SQL, Aqua Data Studio, UML.

RBC Configuration Inspector at Ansaldo STS (01/09 09/09)

A former employer of mine, Altran Italia, won the contract for this project for Ansaldo STS. The project was enterely developed in the Altran Genoa office. It consisted of a tool used to compare different versions of the databases which represented the security configuration of a railway line. The configuration followed the ETCS Level 2 train protection system, currently in use in Italy, Germany and China. This comparison was useful in automatic detection of possible configuration errors introduced changing a consolidated and sound configuration. The member of the team changed from its start to its completion but I have been an active part of the team for the first three project phases (nine months). In particular I worked in the initial specifications gathering, in the design of the application, in the development of the core application and in supporting the other developers.
The technologies used in the project have been: XML, CVS, Java 6, JDBC, Eclipse, Ant.

TeleManagement Forum at Ericcson (06/08 01/09)

The TeleManagement Forum is a telecommunication project which aims to control the element of a TLC network following an international standard. The project is very large and it has now evolved from a release to the next one for years. I participate both in the Java 5.0 developing of a communication module and in the training of an outsourcing Indian team which took over a part of the project. Training, assessing and supporting some member of the team were among my duties.
The technologies used in the project have been: XML, Clearcase, Java 5.0, Eclipse, Ant.

License Distribution Server at Ericcson (08/07 - 05/08)

This was the first project I was involved in after I graduated. The team project was made up of 4 developers, 2 tester and a project manager. I collaborated in defining the formal specifications for a graphical user interface, developed by means of Java Swing and in the hard coding of the interface itself. The graphical interface was employed in a software used to release cryptographic signed licenses. That was the software that Ericsson decided to sell to the end user to handle the license generation and renewal. The license generated where in turn used by other softwares developed in Ericsson. Particular effort was put on the usability issues of the interface due to its utilization by end user with limited technical skills.
The technologies used in the project have been: XML, Matisse, Clearcase, Java 5.0, Netbeans, Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA), ProGuard, Ant.