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This section of the website contains several pictures commented and organised according to their topic: mountain, Italy, Scotland, and so on. The gallery are to be intended as my desire to share my travels not to present professional pictures since they are all taken with compact machines.

Scottish travel pictures

Like I wrote in the "Information" area of this site, I have been in Scotland for nine months. It was a fabulous period of my life for more than one reason, one of those is that I travelled all around the country visiting lovely places. Uncommented pictures I took during my travels, before I lost my camera (!), are here.


In this section there are photos archives and various kind of files that you can freely download. Feel free to give a look and download what you find interesting.

Search Engine Optimisation Tutorial

During the exam of Database 2 at my home University, I had to do a research about the Search Engine Optimisation, that is optimise the aspect of the web site for the software which are used by search engines to store all the Web content. For every web sites is important having a great number of visitors, since it was showed by a research that the majority of the traffic is due to the search engines, it is very important that your website is search engines appealing, unfortunately it's very difficult having a website which is friendly both from an human and search engine point of view. In this section of my website I face the main issues of the topic.

Computer Science Engineering Final Project 2004 (Ita)

Following the link you will get to a section where I talk about my final project of the Degree in Computer Science Engineering. In Italy there is a first Degree which last just 3 years and a second one of 2 more years, called specialises degree. In this section there is the description of the final project for the Degree of 3 years. It was about developing two website using PHP and MySql. This section is only in Italian.