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Personal information

Date of birth: 11/06/1982.

Work experiences:

  • 06/2010 - Today
    I work as a freelance IT Consultant with specialities in business analysis and software engineering. Here are the projects I have been involved in:
    • IT Application Manager for Axpo Italia spa
      Responsible for Energeya EDM and Trilance Trimp suites. These applications are involved in the processing of the Axpo customers data consumptions. I follow the enhancement projects, being responsible for the gathering the new specification requirements, provide end users support, and assure the quality of the external software provider's releases. Technologies: Trilance Suite, Energeya EDM, PL-SQL, T-SQL
    • Software engineer for ITBS srl
      I follow the analysis and the development of the software which is produced by the ITBS software factory. I meet the client in order to understand their functional requirements, write offering proposals, estimate time and price efforts, supervise and take part in the software development. Technologies: UML, Hibernate, Java, Mago.Net, SQL Server 2008.
    • Project leader for EGL Italia spa
      I followed the project for the adoption of a new EDM solution, developed by an external company. I was responsible for writing the functional specifications, monitoring the troubleshoots reporting, verifying the project progress and arranging the periodical review meeting. I responded directly to the project manager in charge of all the IT projects in the CRM, billing and product areas of the energy and gas. Technologies: T-SQL, PL-SQL, MS Visio
    • Business analyst for Duferco Energia spa
      I supported the IT area of the company in the process related to the management of the energy consumptions data send from the energy carrier to the energy seller. I also provide consultancy in the configuration and tuning of the software Trimp of the Trilance suite. Technologies: Trimp, Java SE, XML;

  • 08/2007 - 06/2010
    I worked for Altran Italia, a multinational Information Services company. I worked on four different projects:
    • Functional analyst for EGL Italia SPA
      I was involved in the analysis of the processes which are used to manipulate the stream of data representing the customer consumptions of energy. This data is sent from the energy carrier to EGL, which is an energy seller. I had to both write PL-SQL short term fix to detected errors and assure that the developers correctly customize the software which is in charge of automatically manipulate the data.
    • Analyst and designer of an application for Ansaldo STS
      I carried out the functional specifications compilation and the software design for a tool which is used in Ansaldo STS for database comparisons. That is done in order to verify the soundness of security configuration for high speed railway lines.
    • Java SE developer on a telecommunication project for Ericsson
      I participated in the developing of the communication channel used in a OSS project which adhered to the TeleManagement forum standard. I was also also involved in the teaching sessions of an outsourcing project to the Tata Consulting Services group (India).
    • Analyst on the GUI of a Java application for Ericsson
      I collaborated in defining the formal specifications for a graphical user interface developed by means of Java Swing. This interface was adopted by a software used to release cryptographic signed licenses. Particular effort was put on the usability issues.
    Besides I was coordinator of the Campus Club Altran project in Genoa. This project aims to promote a partnership between the University of Genoa and the Altran group. We achieved great results, holding three workshops during three academic courses in Spring 2008, one during a course in Spring 2009 and organizing on the 10th December 2008 a careers guidance event.

  • 05/2004 - 07/2004
    I worked for the company "Wildcard s.r.l." for an internalship. I used PHP/MySql technologies in order to develop the "Teatro Politeama Genovese" (theatre) website, and a content management system for the "Centro Solidarietà di Genova" (social service centre) website.


  • 01/2008 Qualification test in Computer Science Engineering – University of Genoa
  • 07/2007 Degree of Specialistic Computer Science Engineering at University of Genoa (2 years). Final year work titled: "BioGIS: a Java application for data sources integration".
    Final Mark 110/110 cum laude.
  • 06/2007 Speaker at the Nettab2007 workshop for an oral communication based on the accepted paper: "On the integration of biomedical knowledge bases: problems and solutions."
  • 09/2005 to 05/2006 Exchange Erasmus student at the University of Edinburgh. I sat and passed six exams: Compiling techniques, Computer Security, Distributed Systems, Enterprise Computing, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Cognitive Science.
  • 11/2004 Degree of Computer Science Engineering at University of Genoa (3 years). Final year work titled: "Development of dinamic Web pages".
  • 07/2001 Diploma di maturità scientifica (High School)

Technical skills:

  • Programming languages: Java SE, PL-SQL, T-SQL, PHP, JSP, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript
  • Platforms, tools and DBs: Hiberante, Netbeans, Aqua Data Studio, Eclipse, Oracle 10g, Ant, ProGuard, Junit 3.x 4.0, CVS
  • Operating systems: Windows, Fedora, Debian, HPUX.

Other information:

  • Hobbies: travelling, dancing, reading.
  • Sports: skiing, rollerblade, playing squash, volleyball, swimming.
  • Favourite music bands: U2, Cranberries, Coldplay, Offspring, Depeche Mode.
  • Favourite singers: Madonna, Zucchero, Rihanna.

About me

I was born in Genoa on the 11th June 1982. Since I was four year old, skiing is my favourite sport. I have been skiing in several places in Italy and I still like trying new places but Courmayeur (near Mont Blanc) and Obereggen (Sudtirolo) remain two of the best options. When I was a child I spent many holidays in the Alpes when I was a child that's maybe why I prefer doing trekking on a cold secluded mountain than having a swim on a busy hot beach!
I like also travelling. I have been to several places on holidays, for instance I enjoyed a lot the beautiful medieval town of Brugge (Belgium), the perky atmosphere of Barcelona, the Prague stare mesto, the Shanghai Bund walk, the romantic Venice. Probably the most significant experience was my year in Scotland as an exchange student. I loved the country, the people, the University of Edinburgh and the friends I made. Since I like also taking pictures of the places I visit, you can find some of those pictures in the "Miscellaneous" area of this website. I have a handy small compact camera so do not expact too much!
Another experience I had in the UK was after I graduated (July 2007). At that time I had the chance to visit the Wales and the South of England travelling around by car. It was quite a memorable experience: beautiful towns, great scenaries .... troubles with my credit card, Oxfordshire flooded and my car hitting the back of another car in Bath.... but a part from that (!) it was great. I like sooo much the UK!
When I was a student at the University I learned latin american dancing... never became an expert but able to dance a bit of salsa, bachata and merengue. I started in Spring 2004 and it took me almost a year learning some decent salsa steps but I had lot of fun dancing it. When I went to Shanghai in summer 2012 for a month attending a Manadrine Chinese course at the end of the lessons we were expected to organize some kind of performances. I teached the other students to dance merengue ... it was quite peculiar, an italian dancing with a Japanese partner a south american dance in China!
After my graduation I started to work for Altran, a multinational company which is specialized in consultancy in Information Services. Unfortunatelty my job did not involve much travelling but I had the chance to join several different projects in just three years, so that my thirst for new challenges and changes was satisfied.
In June 2010 I decided to start to work on my own. I collaborated with some big companies so far, mainly in the energy and gas sector, working in different position for them, from functional analyst to software enginer, from application manager to team leader.
Since my job allows me to work often to work from remote, in October 2012 I moved to Cambridge. I keep working for Italian companies often coming back to Genoa for review progress meetings or the like.
I already mentioned above, in 2012 I went to Shanghai for a month, that is due to the fact in Dicembrer 2009 I started studying Mandarine was a great experience where I deepen a lot my comprehension of the chinese culture in particular and of the Asian culture in general since I met many koreans, japanese, malaysian and vietnamese people. I also found out I really like oolong tea!