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Caerlaverock Castle - Dunfries - Scotland

Caerlaverock Castle

This magnificent castle is a typical example of the beautiful castles you can find in Scotland. Few miles from Dumfries, where the national poet Rober Burns is buried, among its features there are the Nithsdale Lodging and a Renaissance range from 1638. There is also a natural trail to the old castle, a picnic area and a visitor centre.

Cathedral Glasgow - Glasgow - Scotland

Cathedral Glasgow

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland. Although there are people who prefer the modern Glasgow to the picturesque old Edinburgh, I'm not one of those. Glasgow has much to offer, like the green houses of the Botanic Gardens, the Tenement house, the People Museum and the St. Mungo Cathedral... but Edinburgh is a magic place for me!

Crathes Castle - Aberdeenshire - Scotland

Crathes Castle

The Aberdeen shire can be properly named the land of the castles: Castle Fraser, Crathes Castle, Craigievar Castle, Dunottar Castle and so on. Every one has its peculiarity and its own personality but if I had to choose I maybe would pick out the Crathes one because it merges the fine building to very remarkable gardens.

Doune Castle - Stirling - Scotland

Doune Castle

In this castle was the set a small part of the movie "Monty Python and the holy chalice". It was built by Robert Stewart, duke of Albany, in the late 14th-century. It is interesting to visit inside for a combination of tower, gate house and hall with its kitchen in a massive frontal block. It is possible to rent it for a wedding party!

Inveraray - Argyll & Bute - Scotland


From Inveraray there is a path which leads to the top of the hill from which there is the breathtaking landscape that you can admire in this picture. Even if Inveraray is very small there is a castle, an old Jail and a old Kirk to visit. It is also possible visiting the near Crarae Gardens just few miles from here.

Inveraray Castle - Argyll & Bute - Scotland

Inveraray Castle

One of the best castles in Scotland is the Inveraray one. Unfortunately when I came her it was closed so that I wasn't allowed to visit it inside where there are collections of armour, French tapestries and fine Scottish furniture. It was the residence of the Duke of Argyll and it was designed by Rogert Morris and Robert Myle in the late 18th century.

Iona - Inner Hebrides - Scotland


The island where St. Columba began to spread the gospel in 563 ad. Superb white sandy beaches and turquoise sea are an invite to have a swim but unfortunately the weather is not that warm. But renting a bike or simply having a walk can be a gorgeous way to spend a quiet day. The Abbey has not to be missed.

Glasgow univesity - Glasgow - Scotland

Glasgow University

Glasgow University is really worth a visit, not only it is located in a very fine quartier but is made also by a group of very impressive buildings. It is also interesting visiting the Hunterian museum inside the University itself, it was established back in 1807 by Dr William Hunter.

Princes Street - Edinburgh - Scotland

Princes Street

During Christmas time Edinburgh is such an amazing place: every day there is some special event, sometimes it's a Christmas caroll or a Christmas market. In particular Princes Street is trasformed as you can see by the picture (taken from the Castle).

Scott Monument - Edinburgh - Scotland

Scott Monument

On the left side of the picture is visible the Scott Monument. It commemorates the great Scottish writer, Sir Walter Scott and it was completed in 1844. At 200 feet high there are 287 steps to the top rewarding the visitor with superb views of Edinburgh and its surroundings.

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