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Pila South Side

  Pila is a ski centre in Val D'Aosta, a region close to the French and Swiss borders. This is a view toward South from the top of the slopes.  


  Courmayeur is one of the finest ski centre in Val D'Aosta, really close to the French border it is famous not only for the beautiful slopes but only for the magnificent view of the Mont Blanc well visible from everywhere.  


  Champoluc is a tiny town which is part of a large ski centre near the East border between Val D'Aosta and Piemonte. The slopes are all quite easy but the views very nice.  

Venosta Valley

  The Venosta Valley (Italian: Val Venosta, German: Vinschgau, Ladin: Vnuost), or Vinschgau Valley, is the upper part of the Adige river valley, in the western part of the province of Bolzano, Italy. The valley runs in a west-east orientation, between the Resia Pass and Merano. In the centre of the picture you can see the San Valentino village.  

Pila North Side

  Another picture taken in the beatiful Pila. This time you can see the village itself on the right and the mountain chain which divides Italy from Switzerland.  

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