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Bologna - Piazza Maggiore


After Naples, I think that Bologna is the town where the cookery specialities are more famous and taste better in Italy (lasagne, tortellini, tagliatelle noodles). I visited this town during summer 2011 in a tour which brought me also to Modena the balsamic vinegard hometown!

Rome - Villa Borghese Park

Villa Borghese

Cardinal Scipio Borghese, nephew of Paul V, laid out this beautiful park and made it his residence, leaving it afterwards to his nephew, prince Mario Antonio, who enlarged and beautified it, making of it a truly regal residence.

A narrow street at night in Pistoia old town.


In Italy this town is famous for its zoo, but Pistoia is much more than its zoo. Although small, the old town has many undiscovered spots, the main square is beautiful and the restaurants serve great food at an affordable price.

The old touristic harbour of Genoa Boccadasse.


I was born in Genoa, and this is one of the very nice places where you can have a quiet walk during the warm long Italian summer. Nearby there is a traditional ice cream shop and a romantic restaurant with view on the sea.

View from Venice near the San Marco square.


One of the most famous Italian destinations and I think it deserves such a good reputation. I went to Venice twice, once with my family when a was just a child and in May 2012 when I went to visit a friend in Veneto, the region where Venice is located.

Piazza della libertÓ with th 16th century town hall (Loggia di San Giovanni) and the clock tower


Udine is a city in northeastern Italy, in the middle of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, about an hour and half train from Venice. Despite not being famous at hall, there are many interesting sight worthy a visit: the castle, the church of Santa Maria della PuritÓ, the town hall, cathedral and the Palazzo Patriarcale.

San Geminiano - July 2011

San Geminiano

The town of the towers, this is San Geminiano. One of those places where in August there are several times more tourists than inhabitants. If you will ever visit Tuscany I strongly suggest to visit both this place and Volterra, not too far, connected by a scenic road, both super cute.

Resia Lake - Venosta Valley - South Tirol

Resia Lake Church

The top of the 14th-century church tower which was submerged when the Resia artificial lake was created. It is located in Sud Tirol just few miles from the Austrian border. A legend says that during the winter one can still hear church bells ring, in reality the bells were removed from the tower on July 18, 1950, a week before the creation of the lake.

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