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A view of the Vatican from the roof of the San Pietro Cathedral


This stupendous panorama can be seen from the Dome of St. Peter's. Beyond the square in front of St. Peter's you can see the Palace of Justice and the other old noble buildings. The seven hills upon which ancient Rome was built can be easily distinguished.

Prato - Cathedrale


In Italy there is no official "Chinatown" like in other countries in the world as such as London, Manchester or New York but still if you study chinese and want to practise a bit, in Prato having a friendly chat with a native speaker will be easy to get since here there is the biggest italian community of chinese people, mainly coming from the Zhezhang provence.

Monselice Abbey


I have a friend who lives in Cuneo, Piemonte. From time to time I go visiting him, and I also enjoy exploring some of the interesting little villages scattlered all around. Some present remarkable monuments like this abbey in Monselice.



The region where I was born is called Liguria. This is a strict stripe of land between the mountains and the sea in the north west of Italy. Dolceacqua is maybe the most beautiful village in the innerland quite close with the France border France.

Castello di Racconigi


When I visited a frind of mine who lives in Pinerolo in June 2011 I could not go visiting the royal residence of Racconigi. Built in 1570 on the basis of an earlier castle which dated to the beginning of the second millennium, it used to be the summer residence of the King of Italy in 1901.

Rome - Altare della Patria


This monument is the fruit of the great architect Sacconi. It commemorates King Vittorio Emanuele II, the "Father of his Country" whose statue stands majestic ally upon the Nation's Altar. Surmounting the immense colonnade are two great bronze groups of horses, four in each. The construction started in 1885.

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