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View of Borgio Verezzi from the hill. You can see in the background the little touristic town of Pietra Ligure

Borgio Verezzi

This is the picturesque village of Borgio Verezzi. This is in Liguria, the region where I was born.You can see the typical morphology of the landscape of this region: the land between the mountains and the sea is really narrow. For that reason, also Genoa, the main city in the region, it's much longer than broad.

The tiny village of Campo Ligure. On the side the castle which is the stage of performances and concetrs all summer long.

Campo Ligure

This tiny village is in the hinterland behind Genoa. It's an interesting place for the Castle which was the residence of a noble family of Genoa called Spinola. Here there is also the museum of filigree, a particular way to work the gold which is still in use nowadays.

The chain of mountains called Latemar. In particular the mountain on the right is the highest of them and it's namen, with no surprise, Latemar!


The Latemar chain of mountains is located in Sudtirol or Alto Adige. This Italian region has a double name, and a double language too, since it became italian after the First World War. Therefore you can enjoy a very typical cooking here, in particular it is very good the wine called St. Magdalena and the cake called strudel.

The Nervi Park. Nervi is one of the finest districts of Genoa, and its Park is one of the favourite Sunday trip of the Genoa inhabitants.

Nervi Park

Nervi Park is the heart of one among the finest districts of Genoa. The Park offers the chance to feed the squirrels, to ride a bike or just to rest on the grass in the shade of a palm. The green houses are another interesting attraction not to be missed.

The mountains around Obereggen during the winter. Febrary 2005.


Obereggen is just a bunch of houses, mainly hotels and guest houses, which becomes alive during the winter. I used to come here to sky, since some of the slopes which connect Obereggen to Pampeago and Predazzo are some of best in North of Italy.

The old harbourn of Genoa, today a tourist attraction with the second biggest aquarium in Europe.

Porto Antico

Porto Antico is the The old harbour of Genoa, today a tourist attraction with the second biggest aquarium in Europe, a rink (in the background of the picture), and the Renzo Piano's sphere which isn't only a green house with tropical trees but also a great example of modern architecture.

Sapoteca, a disco in the heart of the Italian Appennino.


Sapoteca is a disco in Cerre Sologno, a tiny village in the middle of the Italian Appennino (the chain of mountains in the middle of Italy). The nearest big town is Reggio Emilia more or less one hour by car far from here. So the place can be considered pretty remote.

A picture of the moon taken from a beach in Varigotti.


I took this picture of the moon in Varigotti which is a village in Liguria where I used to go during the summer when I was a teen. The place is famous mainly for its (sometimes) crystal clear water. The old bough was built by the Saracen, and it is also a visit to the little fort, up to the hill, in front of the village.

Rome - Sant'Angelo Castle

Castel Sant'Angelo

The Castel Sant'Angelo, or Mole Adriana, was consecrated by Hadrian himself as the burial place of the Emperors. In the interior the prison of Beatrice Cenci is shown and at the highest point of the Castle stands the bronze statue of the Archangel Michael.

Rome - Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

This is the world famous "Fontana di Trevi". The little square where it is located is always full of tourists taking pictures and buying souvenirs. Unfortunately it is not possible to have a walk inside like the actress of "La dolce vita", a movie of the '50s, since it may cost you a fine of 180 euro!

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