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England - Avebury


Less famous than the Stonehenge site but also here you can see lots of ancient stones whose meaning is lost in the history. However this place is different from Stonehenge under several aspects: the circles are much bigger, there are some much bigger stones, altough the majority are smaller than the Stonehenge ones... and the path around the stones allows you to enjoy much more the English countryside.

England - Ipswitch - Christchurch park - Fall 2012


This town in England is known to have been for many yearshe base of the British Telecom Research Laboratories but actually there are some spots that deserve a visit. And one of these is the beautiful Christchurch park in the north of the town.

England - Bath


I really loved this tiny town. If it was very difficult (and expensive too) finding a car park, and a real mess driving around in the town looking for the hotel, which was near the cathedral, the place really worthed the effords! The Roman Bath are stunning, the Cathedral is beautiful and the night life interesting.

England - Cambridge


The first day I got to Cambridge it was raining, my foot were wet and it was cold. So you can guess that it was not love at the first sight. But the second day I went there the sun was shining and I have to admit I really enjoyed my visit. I have a bad memory though: a terrible dinner in the Eagle pub ... if you go, just have a beer!

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