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England - River Cam - Cambridge

River Cam

This picture was taken from the bridge which is in the back of the King's College. Here you can rent a boat to take a moment of relax as a real student of one of the Cambridge college.

Wales - Cardiff


Unfortunately I have not travelled that much in Wales (yet)... but Cardiff was one of the place where I had the luck to spend a whole day. This is a beautiful view of the part of the City, where the political life of the town takes place.

Wales - Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

One of the main attractions of the town is its beautiful castle. It was built by a rich bussiness man who had some coal mines in the South of Wales a couple of centuries ago but since he was a lover of medieval art it was built according to the style of the Middle Age.

Wales - Cardiff stadium

Cardiff Stadium

Recently built the Stadium is one of the "touristic attraction" which the inhabitants are very proud of. I did not find it very beautiful or artistic but it can express how much is related the sport with the culture of the inhabitants of this town.

Wales - Castle Coch

Castle Coch

Nearby Cardiff, can be found the beautiful castle of Coch. It was owned by the Cardiff Castle owner. I am not very sure but I seem to remember that he tried to bring here a cultivation of grape... although I am not sure about the results he had since the weather is not that mild here.

England - Castle Combe

Castle Combe 1

Very very nice village in Wiltshire (South-West of England). It is one of those place where it seems that the time is still and that the people live exactly like they did some centuries ago. All the houses are made of stones and the atmosphere is really unique.

England - Castle Combe

Castle Combe 2

Here it comes another picture of the beautiful little village of Castle Combe. It is a shame that when I went there it was raining so the pictures are not very amazing, but I really suggest a visit to this place if you are doing a trip in the area and you want to see a typical English tiny village.

England - London

London Eye

A world famous attraction of London, one of its symbols...and the sky is not painted! It is true that the weather changes a lot in England, it is true that it rain often but it is not true that it always rains! The weather is very changeable but I was NOT particularly lucky to take this picture in a sunshine day!

England - St. James Park

St. James Park

One of the things I like more of the British towns is that they have tons of green beautiful parks in the city centre. Edinburgh, Cardiff and London are all capital with fresh green area were you can chill out breathing fresh air. This picture was taken in such a park in London.

England - Stonehenge


I do not think that this place need any introduction. It is famous all around the world and for the huge number of visitors that every year comes here, there is a fence to protect the site avoiding the tourists to get to close to the ancient stones.

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