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China - Shanghai Longhong Pagoda

Shanghai - Longhong Pagoda

If you want a suggestion do not go to visit China in July or is a wonderful country, very nice people, good food and quite cheap but very reliable public transport ... but during the summer the hot is simply unbearable.

China - Jiangsu - Changzhou


Changzhou was one of the cities I enjoyed more visiting in China, never been in a place where the inhabitants are not used to western people at all. It happen more than once than perfectly unknown people asked me to take together a picture, very funny.

China - Shanghai Temple

Shanghai - Temple

In China many people will try to make great effort to help Western people to find a place or to provide needed information, they are very very nice toward tourists, but do not expect the majority of them to be able to communicate that much in English.

China - Hong Kong

Hong Kong - View from the harbour

In April 2014 I went to visit Hong Kong. I enjoyed the trip very much, I was also able to spend some time some friends of mine I formely met when I used to live in Cambridge. One of them was a Hong Kong medicine researcher married to another friend of mine, a Cambridge phd graduated, if they will have a child, he/she will be a genious for sure!

China - Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Park

Vibrant town, the cultural bridge between a Westner metropolis and a Chinese one, Honk Kong is a truly international place where is not difficult to meet local people happy to have a friendly chat. A soft transition to the area before the real China experience of places like Pingyao and Guilin.

China - Nanjing


One of the biggest problem of China is pollution, since when I was there it was extremely host at first I thought that the fog you could see in this picture was due to the water vapor, but I realize after a while that it was due to the extreme pollution of the majority of the big cities.

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